The thermostat is the brain behind your heating and cooling system. If you have an outdated analog thermostat, or you simply want a more efficient unit, now is the time to learn how to replace a thermostat. The process is quite simple, and most homeowners feel comfortable completing the process themselves. Prepare to replace Purchase a compatible thermostat and read the instruction manual to become familiar with the wiring requirements. Most installation methods for how to replace a thermostat are similar, but it’s beneficial to preview the manual’s images before beginning. Remove the old thermostat Shut off the power to the thermostat at the circuit breaker box. Snap the cover off your existing thermostat and unscrew it from the mounting plate, if applicable. Remove the wires from the rear of the unit carefully, labeling the wires if necessary so you can wire the new thermostat easily. Be careful not to let the wires fall down the wall cavity. Attach the new mounting plate Pull the wires through the rear of the plate and screw the plate into position on the wall where the old unit was mounted. Connect the wires and mount the new thermostat Connect the wires using the labels you made and the instruction manual as your guide. Some wires are color coded for your convenience. If in doubt, call a professional. Once the wires are connected, slide the unit onto the mounting plate until it clicks into place. Restore the power and test the new thermostat Flip the circuit breaker back on to return power to the thermostat. Test it by setting the air conditioner and furnace to come on at different times. Allow each component at least five minutes to activate. If the thermostat fails to operate correctly, work backward and attempt to pinpoint where you made a mistake. If worse comes to worse, call an HVAC technician for assistance. For more tips and information on how to replace a thermostat, please contact Gilman Heating and Cooling. We provide expert heating and cooling services to residents in Richmond, Ashland, Henrico and the surrounding areas.

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