Air conditioning is the single biggest energy consumer in your Virginia home this summer. If you’re shopping for a new A/C, you want to invest in one that will provide top features for comfort and energy efficiency. One of these features is a thermal expansion valve. Unlike fix orifices or capillary tubes, a thermal expansion valve changes its size to adjust the refrigerant flow rate based on current conditions. This precise method of cooling your home comes with several benefits:
  • Cooling just the way you need it: Your air conditioner has a specific cooling capacity, which should meet your home’s cooling requirements as closely as possible to increase efficiency. However, cooling requirements change all the time because of outdoor temperature changes, use of heat-generating appliances, sunlight and more. A thermal expansion valve helps the A/C respond better to these changes for the greatest efficiency possible.
  • Lower utility bills: When just the right amount of refrigerant flows through the system, a precise amount of cooling output is produced. Tests show that air conditioners featuring a thermal expansion valve outperform those without it, even when the thermal expansion valve-equipped A/C is charged improperly at installation.
  • Protection for the compressor: Sometimes, a fix orifice or capillary tube starves the evaporator coil of refrigerant when cooling needs are high, or it floods the coil in low cooling conditions. In this latter situation, the refrigerant can continue past the evaporator coil and reach the compressor, damaging this expensive component.
In addition to a thermal expansion valve, your new air conditioner should also have the following features for the greatest efficiency possible:
  • Variable-speed air handler for the right amount of airflow
  • Fan-only switch for nighttime ventilation
  • Filter check light to remind you when it’s time to change the filter
  • Automatic-delay fan switch to run the fan longer than the compressor and circulate cooled air as efficiently as possible
For more tips on choosing a new air conditioner with a thermal expansion valve, please contact Gilman Heating and Cooling. We offer expert heating and cooling services to residents in Chesterfield, Hanover, Glen Allen and the surrounding areas.  

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