Your home cooling effort comes crashing to a halt if you suffer the unfortunate dilemma of a frozen A/C. There are a number of common causes for a freeze-up. If you can identify the problem and thaw everything out, your air conditioner will be back to cooling your home efficiently in no time. Here are some possible causes for a frozen A/C that you can use to try to diagnose the problem. If you need assistance finding the blame or if the problem has wreaked havoc on your air conditioning, don’t be afraid to give us a call so we can come help out.
  • Lack of airflow. The coil needs to stay above freezing, so without enough airflow the coil will freeze itself up. Instead of condensing warm air into colder air, it will turn the already condensed water into ice. Improving airflow fixes the problem and helps your A/C run colder.
  • Slow fan. If your A/C fan is not running quickly enough you can end up with a frozen A/C. There might be a blockage or damage to the fan, but it might simply have a faster setting that it can be set to in order to fix the issue.
  • Low refrigerant level. You might be surprised to learn that low refrigerant can lead to a frozen A/C, but the fact is that the coil will get too cold if there isn’t enough. You might need us to fix a leak and replenish your refrigerant levels.
  • Running hard on cool nights. If you leave your A/C running strong and then we experience an overnight drop in temperature, the A/C can freeze. The blame may lie with the thermostat.
  • Drainage. If moisture is not draining properly, the liquid will build up and turn to ice while the A/C is running.
For help diagnosing and fixing a freeze-up or other air conditioning problem, go ahead and contact us at Gilman Heating and Cooling. We’ve been proudly serving the Richmond area since 1917.

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