Contractors are often asked: why does an air conditioner leak water? Air conditioner water leakage is one of the most common reasons for service calls. Small leaks may not seem significant, especially if your A/C stands outside. However, you should promptly investigate any unusual leaks. Check with a professional contractor if you consistently notice too much water drainage from your A/C.

Some Water is OK

All air conditioners produce water because they dehumidify the air. In the most humid weather, your A/C can produce as much as 48 ounces of water every hour. If the water doesn’t drain properly, serious damage to the A/C and your home could result if leaks go unchecked. If you notice more water than normal, check for some common problems: A blocked condensate drain line is most often the cause of A/C leaks. When this happens, water backs up into the drain pan. Use a shop vacuum to clear out the drain line and prevent future leaks. Newer A/Cs have an automatic shutoff which protects the A/C and your home from backed-up water. Sometimes the drain pan may be worn or broken. A professional contractor can replace it. Dirty filters are the next most common cause of a leaky air conditioner. They make the A/C starved for air and produce ice crystals on the coils. When the ice melts, there’s more water than normal. Always keep clean A/C filters handy. Faulty condensate pumps also can be a contributing factor to why does an air conditioner leak water. The pumps have a float switch that activates the pump when water rises in the drain pan. If it’s connected, test it by adding water to the condensate drain pan. It should automatically turn on. Why does an air conditioner leak water with improper A/C installations? Air conditioners that are not correctly leveled won’t allow water drainage to flow where it should. A/Cs that are not properly pressurized aren’t as efficient and collect more water than they drain. The certified technicians at Gilman Heating and Cooling will help you stay cool in Greater Richmond. Call us for courteous and professional service.

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