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shower drain iStock 000030089208 LargeHave you noticed lately that your shower is slowly draining excess water, or that the drain is completely clogged? We’ve all dealt with shower drain issues before, but it shouldn’t be a regular occurrence. Before attempting to fix the problem on your own, it’s important to diagnose the underlying cause. Here are a few common reasons why your shower drain might be clogged:

  1. Hair and dead skin: When you shower or bathe, hair and skin cells will inevitably collect in your shower drain. Luckily, this is an easy fix. Most grocery stores sell hair catchers that fit over your drain to prevent additional clogging.
  2. Hygiene products: Believe it or not, your shampoo, conditioner and body wash contain chemicals that can clog your shower drain over time.
  3. Soap scum and hard water: Like your hygiene products, minerals found in hard water and soap scum can stick to the inside of your shower drain and eventually form a clog.

No matter the cause, there are a few simple home remedies that you can try. Pour a pot of boiling water down the drain to break up any debris. If that doesn’t work, try pouring equal parts of baking soda and vinegar into the drain, let the mixture sit for 15-30 minutes and then rinse with boiling water. You can also manually remove the clog with a drain snake, pliers or your own hands (don’t forget to wear gloves). If these remedies don’t do the trick, it might be time to call a professional. Luckily, the plumbing team at Gilman is here to help! Give us a call at (804)-329-1800 or use our online scheduling tool today.

AC schedule service iStock 978892726 1200pxNow that spring is here and the weather is starting to turn, you’re probably thinking about turning on your air conditioning. But what happens if your air conditioner isn’t working? This is where regular HVAC maintenance comes in handy.

Typically, you should have your HVAC system serviced at least once a year to check for any issues. It’s best to do this during the spring time before you need to use your air conditioning. Regular service can help prolong the life of your system by addressing any issues before they get worse. You’re also more likely to avoid any sudden (and costly) repairs, which saves you money in the long-term.

It can be easy to forget about servicing your HVAC system every year – but our Comfort Plan program can take care of that for you. We’ll perform maintenance on both your heating and air conditioning systems in one visit. We also offer discounts on repairs to all Comfort Plan members. If your system needs servicing or you’d like to sign up for our Comfort Plan, give us a call at 804-329-1800 or schedule an appointment online!

bathroom sink leaky faucet plumbing 400x400 GettyImages 172647766png

Did you know that a leaky faucet can waste more than 3,000 gallons per year? With every drip, your money is slowly going down the drain. Here are a few common problems that can cause a leaky faucet:

  1. Worn out O-Ring or Washer: Compression faucets have an O-Ring, or a small rubber ring that prevents water from spilling out of the spout. If your O-Ring is worn down or damaged, it can cause your faucet to leak. A worn-out washer in a compression faucet can also cause leakage.
  2. High water pressure: If your water pressure is too high, the water can back up and result in a leaky faucet. Try turning down the water pressure to see if your faucet stops leaking.
  3. Damaged piping: If you’ve checked your faucet’s O-Ring and washer and lowered your water pressure, your faucet could be dripping because of damaged piping – and that’s not an easy fix. If you suspect that your water pipes are damaged, call Gilman Heating and Cooling at 804-329-1800 or use our online scheduling tool today!

We typically spend Valentine’s Day lavishing our loved ones with flowers, chocolate and expensive gifts. However, it’s important to remember that yourValentines Day iStock 888812768 800px HVAC system needs a little love, too. Here are three tips to help keep you warm and cozy this Valentine’s Day:

1. Close outside door gaps: If you have any gaps underneath your doors, your furnace could be working double-time to heat your home. Installing a door sweep should help solve this issue. Alternatively, you can fold a towel into the gap to seal the door.

2. Maintain the temperature of your water heater: Wrapping your water heater and any exposed pipes with insulating blankets is a great protective measure against heat loss. While you’re at it, make sure your water heater is at 120 F to save on costs.

3. Check your attic: Speaking of insulation, your attic might be the root cause of high utility bills. As hot air rises, it can escape through your roof and cause major heat loss without proper insulation.

As always, we’re here to help if you have more urgent needs regarding your heating system. Give us a call at (804) 329-1800 or use our online scheduling tool to get started!

Gilman Blog January 2022It’s a new year which means it’s time to fulfill your new year's resolutions! Here are a few easy tips to help you take better care and save money on your heating and air conditioning system in 2022!

Change your HVAC filter

Check your HVAC’s manual to see how frequently the filters need to be replaced. Typically, the filter is changed once every three months. This will help increase your indoor air quality and reduce wear and tear on your system.

Turn down your heat at night

Luckily in Virginia, temperatures haven’t been too cold yet. Still, you don’t need to keep your heating the same temperature it is during the day. Consider turning your thermostat to below 68 degrees Fahrenheit before you go to bed. This can help you save greatly on your winter heating costs! This can be done much easier with a programmable thermostat.

Install a programmable thermostat

Programmable thermostats are one of the easiest ways of saving money. You don’t need to keep the heat on in rooms that aren't in use, and while you can change these settings manually every time, a programmable thermostat will never forget. Call us today to see when you can have yours installed!

Schedule regular maintenance

This winter, have one of our qualified technicians make sure everything is working and running up to speed in your home. You won’t want your heating system to break during any upcoming snowstorms or other cold weather!

Call us today at 804-329-1800 or use our online scheduling tool to have your home inspected!