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Your HVAC technician has no doubt advised you to replace the air filter regularly in between preventative maintenance visits, but you may not realize the importance of this simple chore. Changing the air filter regularly brings some important benefits including:

air filter-hvac serviceGreater Energy Efficiency

Neglecting to change the air filter regularly allows dirt and dust to build up on various components within the system. This layer of dirt acts as an insulator that restricts vital heat transfer, making both heating and cooling less efficient and more costly. Replacing the air filter as necessary decreases the risk of compromised airflow significantly, which helps maximize energy efficiency and keeps HVAC operating costs under control.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Replacing the air filter when it gets dirty can help keep particles and allergens out of the ductwork and avoid the extra cost of duct cleaning. If debris collects in the duct system, it's circulated throughout your home. This can compromise air quality and cause health problems for anyone with asthma or other breathing difficulties.

Longer Equipment Life Span

As dirt accumulates on the filter, crucial airflow through the HVAC system declines. Restricted airflow makes the equipment work longer and harder to meet the thermostat's temperature setting and keep a home comfortable. The extra wear and tear this places on the system can lead to inconvenient and costly equipment breakdowns. The added strain can also cause overheating, which over time can ruin system components such as the heat exchanger, A/C compressor or fan motor and result in expensive, premature replacements.

General Air Filter Replacement Tips

  • Check the air filter once a month and replace it when there are visible signs of dirt.
  • Be sure to follow the equipment manufacturer's instructions regarding the size and type of replacement filter needed.
  • When you're purchasing new filters, pay attention to minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) ratings. Installing a filter with too high a MERV can cause airflow restrictions.

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