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We typically spend Valentine’s Day lavishing our loved ones with flowers, chocolate and expensive gifts. However, it’s important to remember that yourValentines Day iStock 888812768 800px HVAC system needs a little love, too. Here are three tips to help keep you warm and cozy this Valentine’s Day:

1. Close outside door gaps: If you have any gaps underneath your doors, your furnace could be working double-time to heat your home. Installing a door sweep should help solve this issue. Alternatively, you can fold a towel into the gap to seal the door.

2. Maintain the temperature of your water heater: Wrapping your water heater and any exposed pipes with insulating blankets is a great protective measure against heat loss. While you’re at it, make sure your water heater is at 120 F to save on costs.

3. Check your attic: Speaking of insulation, your attic might be the root cause of high utility bills. As hot air rises, it can escape through your roof and cause major heat loss without proper insulation.

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