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Summer Plumbing ProblemsWe often think of cold weather being the only cause of plumbing problems. Frozen pipes are certainly a common plumbing issue, but the summer heat also creates some hazards. The G-Man shares a few tips on keeping your plumbing in tip-top shape as the temperatures rise.

1. Be careful with your garbage disposal. As we gear up for outdoor parties and grilling, we tend to put our garbage disposal to work a little bit more. Oils can quickly clog up the disposal. Anything you used oil on for the grill should go straight to the garbage can, not the disposal. Running water through the disposal before and after each use will help keep your pipes clean as well.

2. Dry ground can cause scorched pipes. Believe it or not, if your dirt has dried out where your pipes are located underground, that can make them more susceptible to UV rays which can cause damage. Make sure you are regularly watering your yard. Not only will your grass look great, but your pipes will stay protected.

3. Summer storms can be hazardous to your sewer lines. With these warmer temperatures often come afternoon storms. They come in quick and bring with them lots of rainfall. This rain can seep into the sewer lines tiny cracks and create some big issues. This is harder to detect. The best solution is to schedule regular inspections.

We hope you have an awesome summer without any plumbing issues!

Gilman Plumbing You may think a dripping faucet is not really a big deal, or a small leaky pipe won't cause a problem. But, you are wrong. Just because a plumbing problem looks small, does not mean it cannot create massive damage.

Here are 4 reasons small leaks can become big problems:

1. Mold. Mold is one of those issues that you cannot see right away. It has a slow and steady growth, but once it's there, it is tough to remove. Little pipe leaks can cause massive mold issues.

2. Pests. Bugs and other creatures love moisture. By allowing that faucet to keep leaking, your drain stays wet. That creates a perfect breeding ground for insects. Not something you want in your home.

3. Ceiling and Wall Damage. Water can damage your ceilings and walls. Once the water starts to get into these spaces it can cause dark spots that left, untreated, will break and tear open leaving ceilings and walls exposed. Leaving the water to sit in these spaces can leave stains in these areas as well.

4. Electrical Risk. Everyone knows water and electricity do not mix. If small leaks continue in your home, you risk them reaching any number of electrical outlets or sources in your home. This is a dangerous situation for you and your family.

If you are worried about your plumbing, give us a call today (804) 798-0455, or visit our plumbing page.

Spring House-hvacBefore you know it the warm weather will be here and you will be turning on your air conditioning to cool your home. As you get ready for spring, the G-Man has a few tips"

1. Turn your air conditioning on now. You will want to make sure it works before you actually need it. If your air conditioning is blowing hot air, get it checked immediately.

2. Check the filters. This is an easy fix. Even when your air conditioning isn't running, the filters can still collect dust and other debris. Assess your filter before you turn on your air conditioning. You may need to replace it.

3. Schedule a maintenance check. Doing this now will save you time and stress. Don't wait until it's hot and everyone else is also calling. Scheduling it now will leave you room to fix any issues before you need to crank the air conditioning.

With these simple tips, you can roll into spring knowing you and your family will be cool and comfortable.

hvac serviceHave you noticed it takes longer for your home to warm up? Does your system seem to run all the time? It might be time for an upgrade to your HVAC system.

The G-Man shares 5 signs it's time:

1. Your HVAC system was installed before anyone knew what an iPhone was. In general, heating and cooling systems should be replaced every 10 to 15 years. 

2. Your energy bill is huge. If your HVAC is not running efficiently that can drive up the cost of your energy bill. An inefficient system can cost you.

3. Your HVAC technician has been to your house in the past year more than your best friend. If your HVAC unit constantly needs repairs, that is a sign it's time for a replacement. Spending money on repairs adds up, it's time to invest in a new unit.

4. Even though your unit runs constantly, everyone in your home is still cold. An underperforming unit that is not working at full capacity is a sign it's time for a replacement. 

5. Your HVAC unit is noisy. If you notice excessive noise coming from your unit or the ducts, it's time to have a professional look at it.

Purchasing a new HVAC is an investment, but the right unit can save you money in the long run. Not only that, but your family will be more comfortable. If you are in the market for a new heating and cooling unit, don't forget about our Centennial Sale!

winter-hvac-plumbingThinking about heading for warmer weather as winter bears down on Richmond? We don't blame you! But you do need to do a little prep work on your home before you go. 

1. Set your thermostat no lower than 50 degrees. Dominion Energy recommends settings between 60 and 50 degrees. The higher setting is if you have pets or indoor plants that need to stay a little warmer.

2. Turn on your faucets (just a trickle is fine) to keep water moving. You may be worried about wasting water, but a slow trickle won't waste much and it will certainly be better than flooding from burst pipes.

3. Open kitchen and bathroom cabinets to allow the warm air to reach those pipes.

4. Unplug all unnecessary appliances. Things like phone chargers and coffee makers can suck a lot of energy from your home while you are away.

5. Ask a friend or neighbor to check on your house. Having someone come by is the best way to make sure your home is okay while you are away. Leave them with a key so they can solve any problems that may arise.

If you do run into plumbing problems, call the G-Man!