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Hurricane Florence is on the move this week toward Virginia. While getting water, bread and milk are important in preparing for a hurricane, there are a few other things you can do to ensure your safety and the safety of your home.

1. Clear all debris. Walk around your yard before the storm and see what may cause a problem. Are there loose tree limbs that can be cleaned up? Things like this can hit your house and your HVAC unit and cause damage. A quick clean up can save you time, money and worry later.

2. Strap down items that are a flight risk. Things like trash cans and lawn chairs might be too lightweight to stay down in a strong storm. Use bungee cords or other straps to secure these items so they don't cause damage.

3. Bring small items inside. While you strap down the larger items, bring in things like toys and pillows. The fewer items flying around your yard, the better. If you are low on storage areas for these items, use a bathtub or shower. Bonus points if you wash them while they are in there!

4. Check your air conditioning unit for loose nuts or bolts. Make sure everything is secure on your air conditioner. If the storm is violent it can shake these items loose and the chances of finding them again are slim. Make sure it is steady on its platform and doesn't wobble.

5. Have your unit inspected. In the event of a power outage always have your unit inspected when the power returns. 

The G-Man wishes you and your family safety through the hurricane. Even if the power goes out, there are still ways to stay entertained. We like a classic board game or cards!

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