Christmas Baking with Kids

Maybe the kids are home from college, maybe you are doing more cooking any usual, whatever the reason for your active home, we want to help you avoid common plumbing issues that could derail your holiday celebrations.

1. The Kitchen Sink. With more mouths to feed and more time spent at home, we know your oven gets a workout during the holidays. But, so does your kitchen sink. To avoid clogged drains, be sure you are properly using your garbage disposal and sink strainers. 

2. Leaky Faucets. Handwashing is so important, but leaky faucets are annoying and a waste of money. Do a walkthrough of our house to check all your faucet washers to be sure they are tightly fastened and in good shape.

3. Low Water Pressure. Often, low water pressure can be solved by simply cleaning the showerhead. Give your bathroom a deep clean and pay particular attention to the showerhead before the holidays. 

We hope you and your family enjoy a warm and safe holiday season. If you do have a plumbing emergency, we are here for you!

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