It is hot in Virginia! Is your home feeling the heat? If you need to cool down quickly, check out these tips from the G-Man.

1. Close all windows and doors. This might seem obvious but it's important. Closing blinds and curtains on both of these will help as well. By closing out the sunlight you are closing out the heat.

2. Use your ceiling fans. Keeping the air moving in your home will help out a lot with the heat. Be sure that fans are rotating counter-clockwise during warm weather.

3. Also use your exhaust fans. Usually these fans are in both bathrooms and kitchens. They can help pull steam from cooking (and hot showers) out of your room.

4. Use energy-efficient bulbs. Regular light bulbs actually give off heat. 

5. Try not to use the stove. Using your stove can really heat up a kitchen and the rest of your home. Think about alternatives like a crock pot, grill, etc. 

6. When all else fails, find a body of water and jump in!

We hope these tips help you stay cool this summer! If you have any air conditioning service needs this summer, schedule an appointment.

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