Save on Heating Costs - Blog Post

It's the most wonderful time of the year! But, it's also the time of year when bills can increase. From all the sentimental gifts to cooking, and more.

Check out these tips for how to save a little bit of money while still having a merry holiday season.

  1. Consolidate your baking. The smell of treats baking sure makes it feel festive, but if you plan one big baking day you can save on energy costs. Plus, you can make it a fun family tradition!
  2. Time your lighting. Nothing beats twinkling lights, but they sure can make your energy bill skyrocket. If you put your indoor and outdoor lights on a timer, it can help manage those costs.
  3. Embrace the holiday sweaters. Set your thermostat a little lower and don your favorite holiday sweater. This will put you in the spirit and keep you cozy. 
  4. Light that fire. Nothing heats a room quite like a roaring fire. Use that as a source of heat to bring down your heating costs.
  5. Keep in the heat. Don't forget to keep windows and doors closed whenever possible. This is the best way to keep heat inside where it belongs!

    We hope these tips help you save on energy costs this year! 

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