Air Conditioning August 2020

Summer in Virginia is hot! This leads to increasing home energy costs due to various factors. Here are a few ways to control your energy bill:

1. Don't cool empty rooms. Use a programmable thermostat to manage your AC when you aren't in the house. You can set it on a schedule and forget about it.

2. When possible, make sure your unit is in a shady spot. Having your unit in direct sunlight all day can decrease its efficiency. 

3. Don't overcrowd your unit. Make sure all the shrubbery and other plants around or near your unit are trimmed. Overcrowding the unit causes poor ventilation.

4. Clear your indoor vents. Make sure furniture, curtains, etc. are not impeding the airflow from your vents.

5. Use fans to help circulate the air in your home. Ceiling fans should be set counterclockwise for best results, so they push the cold air downward.

With these few tips, you should see improvement in your energy bills over time. If your AC does not seem to be performing as well as it could, please schedule an appointment. We would be happy to come to take a look!

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