Spring House-hvac

Before you know it the warm weather will be here and you will be turning on your air conditioning to cool your home. As you get ready for spring, the G-Man has a few tips"

  1. Turn your air conditioning on now. You will want to make sure it works before you actually need it. If your air conditioning is blowing hot air, get it checked immediately.
  2. Check the filters. This is an easy fix. Even when your air conditioning isn't running, the filters can still collect dust and other debris. Assess your filter before you turn on your air conditioning. You may need to replace it.
  3. Schedule a maintenance check. Doing this now will save you time and stress. Don't wait until it's hot and everyone else is also calling. Scheduling it now will leave you room to fix any issues before you need to crank the air conditioning. Click here to learn about our G-Club VIP Maintenance Membership Plan.

    With these simple tips, you can roll into spring knowing you and your family will be cool and comfortable.

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