Plumbing - Closed Garage

Winter is about to touch down in Virginia. One of the biggest plumbing concerns during the cold weather months is frozen pipes. Here are a few tips to help prevent that.

1. Keep your garage door closed. Making sure you close your garage every time you enter or exit will help your pipes stay warmer because water supply lines can be in the garage.

2. Don't turn down your heat a night. While it may help you save a dollar or two, turning down your heat when it is below freezing outside could damage your pipes. Keep your temperature the same during both night and day.

3. Open your cabinet doors. Expose your kitchen and bathroom pipes that are in cabinets to your heat. 

4. Check your basement and attic. For these areas of the house that may not have heat, make sure your pipes are insulated.

If you have a plumbing emergency, Gilman is here for you. You can learn more about our plumbing services here.

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