Gilman Blog March 2021 Spring HVAC

When we think of spring, we think of warm weather, spending time outside, and spring cleaning. While the cleaning part is not our favorite, it's important! One of the most overlooked household cleaning chores are things that have to do with your HVAC.

1. Change your filters. This is important to make sure your system is running as efficiently as possible. This also helps with those spring allergies.

2. Dust your large appliances. While this isn't directly related to your HVAC unit there are a few benefits to this. The first is when your AC starts cranking, the less dust it can circulate around the better! Also, dust causes your appliances to work harder. By dusting their coils and other areas you are helping your energy bill.

3. Set your thermostat. Time to change your thermostat settings in anticipation of warmer weather. You may even be able to use fans and open windows during nicer days to keep your costs down!

4. Turn on your AC. We always recommend turning on your air conditioning BEFORE you actually need it to make sure it is running properly. If it isn't, schedule an appointment with us and we will have you up and running for when the Virginia heat comes!

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