Summer Plumbing Problems

We often think of cold weather being the only cause of plumbing problems. Frozen pipes are certainly a common plumbing issue, but the summer heat also creates some hazards. The G-Man shares a few tips on keeping your plumbing in tip-top shape as the temperatures rise.

1. Be careful with your garbage disposal. As we gear up for outdoor parties and grilling, we tend to put our garbage disposal to work a little bit more. Oils can quickly clog up the disposal. Anything you used oil on for the grill should go straight to the garbage can, not the disposal. Running water through the disposal before and after each use will help keep your pipes clean as well.

2. Dry ground can cause scorched pipes. Believe it or not, if your dirt has dried out where your pipes are located underground, that can make them more susceptible to UV rays which can cause damage. Make sure you are regularly watering your yard. Not only will your grass look great, but your pipes will stay protected.

3. Summer storms can be hazardous to your sewer lines. With these warmer temperatures often come afternoon storms. They come in quick and bring with them lots of rainfall. This rain can seep into the sewer lines tiny cracks and create some big issues. This is harder to detect. The best solution is to schedule regular inspections.

We hope you have an awesome summer without any plumbing issues!

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