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It's no secret that the summer heat in Richmond is hot! With temperatures already in the 90s, the G-Man is sharing the top tips to survive this summer!

1. Start outside. Landscaping your yard to provide shading on your house helps your air conditioning. A shaded home is a cooler home, which means your air conditioning unit has to do less work.

2. Give your air conditioning a boost with ceiling fans. Make sure you have your fans set on the summer setting and keep them on throughout the day.

3. Seal up all the cracks in windows and doors. You don't need to cool down the outside. Keep all that lovely air conditioning inside for your family. 

4. Keep your filters clean. A dirty filter is a less efficient filter, which makes your air conditioning work harder. Making your air conditioning work more efficiently will always keep your home cooler.  

5. Call a professional. If your air conditioning is not performing at it's best, give us a call. We can perform a maintenance check and get you cooled down.

Additional tip: cold ice cream always helps you cool down!

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