Mini-split AC units are one of the most popular alternatives to traditional ducted HVAC systems, and for good reason. If you aren’t familiar with mini-split AC units, check out our blog post for an in-depth explanation. In short, these units are designed to deliver heated or cooled air into living spaces that your home’s main system can’t reach. Here are a few common benefits of installing a mini-split AC unit in your home:

  1. Easier installation. Since these units are small, quiet and don’t require any ductwork, our technicians can install them in a day or less. That means you’ll save more money on labor costs compared to a traditional unit.
  2. Higher energy efficiency. The HVAC industry uses SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) to rate the energy efficiency of HVAC systems. A higher SEER rating equates to higher energy efficiency. Traditional units, for example, are often rated around 14 SEER. Ductless mini-splits, since they can operate on less electricity, can range between 17-25 SEER. This can result in major energy cost savings.
  3. Affordability. Aside from the savings on labor and energy costs, mini-split AC units are, by nature, less expensive than ducted units. It can be costly to extend your main HVAC system to certain areas of your home, like garages, sunrooms or sheds. You can potentially save thousands by switching to a mini-split AC unit.

If you’re considering installing a mini-split AC unit in your home, click here to learn more or give us a call at (804)-329-1800! Our technicians are trained to install Daikin mini-split units in traditional homes, river homes and more!

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