air conditioning noises

Usually, your air conditioner hums along in the background and you barely notice it. But, sometimes there are some distinct noises it makes that may cause alarm. We help you figure out what those noises mean and if they indicate there is an issue with your air conditioning unit.

1. Loud Banging. This is not good. Banging usually signals that something is loose or fallen off completely which can cause long term damage to the unit. For this, call an expert ASAP.

2. Clicking. Sometimes clicking is totally normal. You can hear it while the air conditioner is either starting up or stopping. But, if you hear constant clicking while your unit runs, that indicates something could be wrong with the electrical components. 

3. Buzzing. This could be caused by a variety of factors including debris around the unit, loose fan blades, an air filter that needs to be changed, the list goes on. While most of these issues are not dire, you will still want to have a professional diagnose the problem for you.

4. Loud Whistling or Screaming. Turn your air conditioner off stat. When you hear your air conditioner screaming, this is likely caused by a refrigerant leak and could be harmful to you and your family. Call your HVAC company immediately.

5. Rattling. This could be caused by something falling into the unit, like leaves or sticks. It could also indicate something is loose, like a screw or bolt. If you hear a rattle it's best to call and have someone come out to take a look at your system.

Any unusual noise generally indicates there is an issue with your air conditioner. It is always best to play it safe and call a professional HVAC technician to come and check it out. 

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