HVAC Inspection Checklist

You know that routine maintenance for your HVAC system is important, but do you know what your technician should be inspecting?

Here are a few things our technicians are looking for:

  • MOVING PARTS - inspect and lubricate all moving parts
  • BELTS - inspect belts for wear
  • REFRIGERATION - verify refrigerant levels
  • HEAT EXCHANGER/COIL - inspect for visual signs of wear or failure
  • COIL CLEANING - light cleaning of evaporator & condenser coil as needed
  • THERMOSTAT - check calibration & operation
  • AIR FILTERS - clean or replace customer supplied air filters & visually inspect duct system
  • ELECTRICAL COMPONENTS - inspect for loose connections, frays & adequate power supply
  •  FOSSIL FUEL SYSTEMS - clean or replace filters & nozzles
  • IGNITION SYSTEM - check for proper operation
  • LEAKS - inspect for gas & oil leaks
  • CONDENSATE - inspect condensate system

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