If you own a river home and notice that your indoor temperature tends to fluctuate more than normal, you aren’t alone. River homes typically have more window and glass than traditional homes. While they might give you great views of the outdoors, windows are also a major source of heat loss and gain in your home. This means that during the summer and winter months, certain rooms in river homes can become very uncomfortable. That’s where mini-split AC units come in.

Mini-split AC units are smaller, ductless units that are designed to work in areas of your river home that are harder to heat or cool. Here are just a few benefits of mini-split units to consider:

  1. Independently controlled: Mini-split units are independent of your home’s main AC system. That means heated or cooled air generated by the unit is concentrated in a smaller space, and you don’t have to raise or lower the temperature across your entire home in order to be comfortable.
  2. More affordable: One of the main benefits of mini-split units is affordability. These units cost substantially less than a traditional ducted unit because there aren’t any labor costs associated with installing duct work.
  3. Small and easy to install: Mini-split units are also easier to install because they are smaller than regular AC units. You can place the unit on your ceiling, against a wall or in a back corner, out of sight. This allows you to stay comfortable without compromising the aesthetic of your river home.

Our service technicians are trained to install Daikin mini-split AC units in river homes, vacation homes and more! If you’re ready to install a unit in your home, give us a call today at (804) 329-1800 or visit https://www.gilmanheatingandcooling.com/schedule-an-appointment.

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