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One of the best ways to save energy, prolong the life of your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment and save money on fuel bills and repairs is to check your system twice a year. A tune-up, often called preventive HVAC maintenance, inspects all components of a unit to make sure each runs properly. The result is an efficient, well-tuned system that will provide a comfortable indoor environment all year long in your home or business in Richmond, Virginia.


Heating & Cooling Comfort Plan

A Gilman Heating and Cooling Comfort Plan includes an all-points evaluation to check for proper operation and look for signs of component wear and failure. We do this for any age, make or model of system, so your heating and cooling system operates at peak performance. Here are the parts of your system that will receive our full attention:

  • Moving Parts- Inspect and lubricate all moving parts
  • Belts – Inspect belts for wear
  • Refrigeration – Verify refrigerant levels
  • Heat Exchangers/Coils – Inspect for visual signs of wear or failure
  • Coil Cleaning – Light cleaning of evaporator & condenser coil as needed
  • Thermostats – Check calibration & operation
  • Air Filters – Clean or replace customer supplied air filters & visually inspect duct system
  • Electrical Components – Inspect for loose connections, frays & adequate power supply
  • Fossil Fuel Systems – Clean or replace filters & nozzles
  • Ignition Systems – Check for proper operation
  • Leaks – Inspect for gas & oil leaks
  • Condensate Systems – Inspect condensate system

In terms of pricing, each Comfort Plan is customized based on the individual customer’s needs. Ask your service tech or call our office today for your Comfort Plan pricing!


Comfort Plan Customer Benefits

As a Gilman Comfort Plan customer, you’re entitled to these bonus benefits:

  • Priority Service – Comfort Plan customers are given priority scheduling, even during peak seasons
  • 24-hour Emergency Service – Emergency attention including nights, weekends and holidays
  • 15% Discount – Customers with a single Comfort Plan receive a 15% discount on our flat-rate service repairs
  • 25% Discount – Customers with both an HVAC & plumbing Comfort Plans receive a 25% discount on our flat-rate service repairs
  • 10% Additional Savings (up to $400) –On quoted HVAC replacement systems
  • 10% Additional Savings (up to $400) – On quoted water heater & water filtration systems
  • Extra Safety Assurance – Each system is checked for overall safety & peace of mind
  • Expert Recommendations –We provide a written list of recommendations for any needed repairs.


Plumbing Comfort Plan

A Gilman Plumbing Comfort Plan includes an all-points evaluation to check for proper operation of any age or size home. We look for leaks, blockages, corrosion, stains or other visual signs of component wear and failure to ensure your plumbing system can perform at peak performance:

  • Sink & Shower Faucets – Check for leaks, corrosion & check for proper water flow.
  • Traps & Drains – Check for blockage & proper flushing
  • Toilets – Examine for leaks & proper flushing
  • Garbage Disposals – Assess for proper operation & blockage
  • Washing Machines – Check hoses for signs of damage or kinks; inspect hose bibs for leaks
  • Piping Under Sinks – Inspect for leaks, blockage or corrosion
  • Exterior Exposed Piping, Supply Lines & Hose Bibs – Look for leaks & corrosion
  • Gas & Water Heater Emergency Shut Off Valves – Check for leaks & show where your main shut off is located, in case you have an emergency
  • Water Pressure & Temperature – Check incoming water pressure & hot water tap temperature
  • Water Filters – inspect & change customer supplied water filters

Each Comfort Plan is customized based on the individual customer’s needs. Ask your service tech or call our office today for your Comfort Plan pricing!


Quality Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing Maintenance… Guaranteed

Nobody stands behind their work like Gilman. Here are our qualifications to prove it:

  • Carrier FAD trained & NATE certified technicians
  • Licensed, bonded and insured
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • A+ rating by Central Virginia Better Business Bureau

Become a Comfort Club member today and leave all your heating, cooling, and plumbing needs in the hands of the G-man! We guarantee you won’t regret it.

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