Richmond has notoriously crazy weather. We can go from snow to 60 degrees in one day. That fluctuation can make it difficult to plan. Regardless of the temperature outside right now, we know cold weather can be right around the corner.

Here are 7 tips to keep you ready for winter weather:

  • Check Your Windows - do they seal tight? Not only can windows let cold air in, but can let your heat out - heat that you are paying for. Checking your windows can not only keep you warm but also save you money!
  • Check Your Heating System - this one sounds obvious, but many people don't check until it is too late. Have a Gilman professional come out and do an all points system check to ensure your heat is ready to roll when you need it. Some visits require a quick and easy tune-up, which we can take care of as well.
  • Check for Gaps - look for insulation gaps, think faucets, plumbing, etc. Just like the windows, these small gaps can let your warm air out and the cold air in.
  • Get an Energy Audit - this can identify opportunities in your home. An energy-efficient house is not only better for the environment but can also save you money in the long run.
  • Don't Forget Your Yard - remember to go outside while preparing for winter weather. If you have large trees, be sure limbs are trimmed. If you have a home generator, be sure there isn't junk around it and you can easily access it in the event of bad weather. 
  • Stock Up on Supplies - do you have everything you need in the event of snow? Remember to get salt and sand for deicing and getting your car out, batteries for flashlights, extra food, and water, etc. Don't be that last-minute person in the store searching for these things. Use the warmer weather to prepare ahead of time.
  • Drain Exterior Faucets - make sure to drain and turn off outdoor water sources. If these pipes freeze, they can cause problems both outside and inside your home.

We hope you and your family stay safe and warm this winter. Give the G-Men at Gilman a call for all your heating and plumbing problems!

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