Commercial HVAC

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Commercial heating and air conditioning systems serve a vital role in facilitating normal business operations and maintaining a comfortable indoor environment. Over one-third of a company’s total monthly power consumption can be attributed to the operation of the HVAC system. Facilities administrators and business owners recognize the importance of choosing a contractor with a strong background in every phase of the commercial air conditioning and heating industry.


Commercial System Design

Light commercial systems usually range from 5-15 tons in total output capacity. Unlike residential applications, the heating and cooling load can fluctuate significantly depending on the nature of the business. Manufacturing and IT facilities usually generate a substantial amount of process heat. Retail and food service companies have varying occupancy rates and periodic disruptions in the external air barrier.

To ensure that the load requirements are satisfied during the most extreme conditions, it is vital that the HVAC contractor assembles a comprehensive set of load calculations for the entire building and each partitioned area.

At Gilman Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, our designers engineer every system according to ACCA Manual J standards. These complex calculations account for a variety of energy consumption factors including:

  • Projected occupancy rate
  • Insulation value of walls and ceiling
  • Process generated heat
  • Perimeter tightness
  • Windows and doors
  • Duct Leakage
  • Local climate history

Once the total load has been established, our designers will match the capacity of the equipment to meet the most extreme anticipated demand. This will ensure that the system operates efficiently while providing an elevated level of indoor comfort.



In new construction or retrofit applications, a commercial heating and AC contractor must adhere to the construction schedule and coordinate directly with the general contractor. During the rough-in phase of the job, our field mechanics install the air distribution system according to ASHRAE 90.1 and UL 181 standards. After the equipment is set, the system is charged with refrigerant, and we run several tests to verify it is performing to the manufacturer’s specifications. Economizers and make-up air units are adjusted for optimal performance, and the diffusers are air balanced.


Commercial Services

In the business environment, every commercial air conditioning and heating malfunction is an urgent situation. When the indoor environment is uncomfortable, productivity can suffer and sales opportunities may be lost. For industries with rigid temperature and humidity specifications, an unexpected equipment failure can be catastrophic.

We understand the importance of answering every service inquiry promptly and dispatching a technician in a timely manner. We allocate significant resources to service, so we can address multiple jobs simultaneously.

On the jobsite, our factory trained and NATE certified technicians use advanced tools and equipment to locate the cause of the failure and rapidly restore the system to full functionality.

To help avoid the potential for an unexpected breakdown, we recommend a commercial heating and air conditioning maintenance agreement. Preventive maintenance can improve system efficiency and help identify small problems before they affect equipment performance.


Complete Commercial HVAC Services

Gilman Heating, Cooling & Plumbing has served the business community in Virginia since 1917. We provide a wide selection of commercial HVAC services designed to improve indoor comfort, lower utility costs and extend the lifecycle of the equipment.