Did you know August is Water Quality Month? We often take water for granted. It simply comes out of our faucets or hose, but there are a few steps we can take to ensure good quality water in our neighborhoods.

1. Pick up after your pet. You may think is no big deal, but pet waste becomes part of the runoff that enters our streams and rivers. Better safe than sorry and just pick it up.

2. Watch what you put on your grass. Fertilizers and pesticides can be harmful to our water systems. Look for natural treatments for your yard.

3. Wash your car and other things outside sparingly. You probably didn't realize all the soap and suds can harm your drinking water. You can also use a car wash that has special drains.

4. Be careful about what you put down the drain. Harmful things like motor oil and household cleaners can be a problem.

If you are having any water issues with your plumbing, give the G-Man a call! 

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