Did you know that cooling your home accounts for 15% of all home energy usage? While that may seem like a lot, think about the work it has to do cooling your home top to bottom! No other appliance has to work that hard (well, besides your heating system, but that's for another season).

So what is the most effective use of that 15%? A couple of window units throughout the home, or a central air system?

There are pluses and minuses to both:

  • Appearance: Let's be honest, central air conditioning is just better looking, since it is virtually invisible throughout the home, as opposed to window units which are an eyesore!
  • Energy efficiency: While a window unit may seem like it would use less energy, because of it's small size, that's not always true. Due to the small size of the unit, there are not a lot of capabilities built-in, whereas, with a central AC unit, you have one large structure with more room for the up to date energy-saving gadgets.
  • Noise level: a window unit loses every time here. While they may blast you directly with cold air, that direct blast comes at a cost, it is LOUD! 
  • Temperature control: this can go either way, depending on how you look at it. If you want your whole home temperature-controlled, a single unit is the most efficient and cost-effective. If you desire room by room temperature control, a window unit provides you with that capability easily, but be careful not to run up your power bill!

Whichever you have, don't forget Gilman can service it for you. And if you decide you are ready for an upgrade, we can take care of that too!

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