Fall HVAC Energy Saving Tips

It's finally getting chilly in Virginia. The leaves are turning, football is in full swing, and pumpkins are on every doorstep. These are some of the many reasons we love autumn in Virginia. While you are decorating your home for fall, have you considered how to save some energy. Here are a few tips to drive down your costs as the chill sets in.

1. Adjust your thermostat. Now that the weather has turned, you don't need your air conditioning pumping at full blast all the time. Change your temperature to a comfortable level.

2. Change your filters. Just like in the summer, it's important to change your filters to prepare for the season.

3. Prepare your fireplace. Keep your flue closed unless you have a fire burning. Air can escape the flue and end up costing you.

4. Use LED lights when decorating. From Halloween to Christmas and everything in between, lights tend to be a big part of decorating. Using LED string lights can drive down your energy costs.

5. Don't forget about a tune-up. There is no better way to save than having a professional come do a routine check-up. Give the experts at Gilman a call! 

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