G Man Santa-hvac

This holiday we want you be safe and have fun with your family. Here are a few safety tips to have the best possible holiday from the G-Man:

1. Make sure your string lights are safe. Be sure the cord is not frayed, the bulbs aren't cracked or broken and the connector is in tact.

2. Always turn lights off when you leave the house. From the Christmas tree to lights in the window, make sure they are all off before you head out to your holiday parties!

3. Keep your tree green! Make sure to keep your tree healthy and fresh by watering it on a regular basis (or buy a fake one and never worry). Dry trees are more likely to catch fire.

4. When hanging lights make sure you are being safe. Use a regulation ladder or step stool to give you the extra height you need.

5. Be sure your furnace is clean and running well. Have one of our certified techs come do an inspection to make sure you and your family are safe as the temperatures dip.

6. When going out at night to neighborhood parties, caroling, etc. be sure to be well lit and visible to cars. 

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