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Moving into a new home is exciting, frustrating, and overwhelming. It's exciting because it's new. It's frustrating because inevitably something will go wrong. And it's overwhelming because there is so much to coordinate and organize. Let us help you with a few plumbing related items to pay attention to.

1. Check the floors for damage. Inspecting the floors for water damage can tell you a lot about your plumbing system. If the floors are warped, there was likely flooding. Be especially diligent about checking around faucets and appliances that use water, like your dishwasher.

2. Visually inspect pipes. Walk your house and look at your pipes. Do they appear in good condition or do they have rust or other flaws?

3. Check the water lines on all appliances. Think about your refrigerator, dishwasher, laundry, etc. Inspect anything that would potentially be loose and cause you problems in the future.

4. Check the water pressure. Turn on all showers and sinks to inspect the water flow. 

We hope these tips help you when it comes time to move! If you need a plumbing professional, we are here for you.

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