September 2020 Blog Post HVAC

We got our first taste of fall weather in Virginia this week. You likely have been able to turn off your air conditioner and open some windows. (And for the chillier mornings, maybe you had the heat on in your car.) Before the weather gets too cold, we have some tips to prepare your HVAC unit for the cooler temperatures.

1. Check your filters. This is an easy one! If the filter looks dirty, get a new one and replace it. This will keep the air moving properly in your home. It will also help with fall allergens.

2. Seal any air leaks. Now is the time to check your home for where air can sneak in or out. Think places like windows, doors, or other cracks/crevices in the home. Sealing these up will help keep heat IN your home and lower that energy bill!

3. Clear debris from your unit. Much like the dirty filters, debris around your unit can cause problems. Be sure leaves, branches, and other potential problems are cleared out. You will want to stay vigilent about this throughout the season as leaves start to fall.

4. Turn on your heat before you need it. You may be thinking you aren't ready to heat your home, but running the heat one cooler day to make sure it works is smart. Listen for any unusual noises. If everything is running smoothly, great! If not, give us a call so we can get it fixed before the first cold snap when you will want that heat to be pumping.

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