Thinking about heading for warmer weather as winter bears down on Richmond? We don't blame you! But you do need to do a little prep work on your home before you go. 

1. Set your thermostat no lower than 50 degrees. Dominion Energy recommends settings between 60 and 50 degrees. The higher setting is if you have pets or indoor plants that need to stay a little warmer.

2. Turn on your faucets (just a trickle is fine) to keep water moving. You may be worried about wasting water, but a slow trickle won't waste much and it will certainly be better than flooding from burst pipes.

3. Open kitchen and bathroom cabinets to allow the warm air to reach those pipes.

4. Unplug all unnecessary appliances. Things like phone chargers and coffee makers can suck a lot of energy from your home while you are away.

5. Ask a friend or neighbor to check on your house. Having someone come by is the best way to make sure your home is okay while you are away. Leave them with a key so they can solve any problems that may arise.

If you do run into plumbing problems, call the G-Man! 

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