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It's almost Memorial Day Weekend, which marks the unofficial start of summer in Virginia. Whether you are enjoying time at the river, beach, or a backyard cookout, we hope you have a wonderful time. With summer on the horizon, we wanted to share a few tips to get your air conditioning ready for the warmer weather!

1. Check the outside unit. Over the winter and spring, it is likely that some debris has piled up around your outdoor AC unit. Be sure to clear that away and inspect it for any damage that may have occurred. 

2. Don't forget about your filters. Make sure you start the season with clean filters. 

3. Inspect your ductwork. Check the exposed ductwork for any signs of damage. 

4. Check your indoor vents. Make sure they aren't being blocked by furniture, rugs, etc. 

5. Have a maintenance check. It's always a good idea to have regular maintenance checks for your unit. Click here to learn about our G-Club VIP Maintenance Membership Plan.

If you are in need of a maintenance check or have questions about your air conditioning, please contact us today!

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