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It has been a HOT summer in Richmond. We hit 100 degrees over the weekend and it surely won't be the last time. With these hot temperatures, your air conditioning may have some trouble keeping up. Here are a few quick and easy tips to keep your home nice and cool on these warm days:

1. Change the filter. Dirt and grime can block the air conditioning unit from doing its best work. If it looks dusty or discolored switch it out. Your home will thank you!

2. Check that all the ducts are connected. Overtime ducts can become loose and may become disconnected. Make sure that all your air ducts are fully connected.

3. Check for cracks or air leaks. You don't need to air-condition the outside. Make sure all windows and doors have a tight seal to keep all your cool air inside.

4. Shade your unit. If possible, place your unit in the shade. Your unit will run more efficiently if it is placed in a nice cool spot.

5. Call a professional. If you feel like your unit is not performing at its best, give us a call. Our trained technicians can do an all-points inspection to insure your unit is running at maximum capacity.

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