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Unparalleled expertise in heat pump installation

With years of know-how under our belt, Gilman’s focus is on providing custom solutions that fit every unique Richmond home. We do a thorough assessment to make sure every heat pump install or heat pump replacement matches your home’s layout and your own preferences. This way, we ensure you get the best in efficiency and comfort.

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Richmond heat pump services – FAQ

1. What makes heat pump installation essential for Richmond homes?

Heat pump installations in Richmond elevate home comfort and energy efficiency. These systems offer dual heating and cooling, significantly reducing energy bills. Upgrading to a new, efficient heat pump ensures year-round temperature control, making them a wise choice for eco-conscious living.


2. How long does a typical heat pump install take in Richmond?

In Richmond, VA, the duration of a heat pump install varies, typically taking a day or two. This timeframe includes assessing home specifications, selecting the appropriate heat pump system, and completing the installation. Gilman ensures each heat pump installation or replacement is tailored to the home’s unique needs, prioritizing energy efficiency and home comfort.


3. What are the benefits of upgrading to a new heat pump?

Upgrading to a new heat pump boosts energy efficiency, leading to reduced energy costs. These systems provide consistent home comfort and feature eco-friendly operation. Opting for a heat pump replacement ensures enhanced air quality and quieter performance, elevating your living space.


4. How can a new heat pump lower my energy costs?

A heat pump optimizes energy usage, leading to significant reductions in energy costs. These systems excel in energy efficiency, transferring heat rather than generating it, which minimizes electricity consumption. With an efficient heat pump install, homeowners experience a decrease in energy bills, especially during peak heating and cooling seasons.


5. What’s the difference between heat pump installation and heat pump replacement?

Heat pump installation involves setting up a new system in a home, focusing on selecting the right model and integrating it into existing infrastructure. This process is often for homes without a previous heat pump. On the other hand, heat pump replacement entails removing an old or malfunctioning unit and installing a new one, ensuring it meets the updated heating and cooling needs of the house. Both processes involve careful consideration of home specifications to select the most efficient system.


Our Heating Services & Qualifications

Our certified and experienced technicians ensure you achieve the highest level of comfort, and even better, we make sure it stays like that for years to come. Call us today and experience the Gilman difference!

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Customer satisfaction: Gilman’s top priority

Every heat pump install we do, be it a brand-new setup or a heat pump replacement, is done with the utmost care and a commitment to quality.

Our dedication to professional service has made us a go-to name in Richmond for home comfort solutions. This is clear from all the positive feedback we receive from our happy customers.

Commitment to Energy Efficiency & Sustainability

Our commitment to lowering energy costs and supporting sustainability includes choosing high-efficiency heat pumps. At Gilman, we’re dedicated to helping Richmond residents enjoy comfy homes while also reducing their environmental impact.


Customer Feedback

  • Stephanie H, Oct 19, 2023

    They not only replaced my faucet, but did an annual plumbing inspection which I’ve never had and was hugely helpful. I would highly recommend this company for the way they treat their customers and the good service.

  • Janelle H, Sept 23, 2023

    Wonderful first experience with Gilman Plumbing, It’s so hard to find good people out here in the NNK. I called them with a non-emergency today and within 30 min they were at my house and repaired everything within 1 hour 40 min from first call to a finished product. Thank you so much Gilman, we are customers for a long time!

  • Michelle M, June 15, 2023

    I have used Gilman’s for years and have never been disappointed. The men who come out are always polite, respectful, and careful to explain what is going on and what my options are. I cannot say enough how much I recommend them for whatever service you may need.

  • Leslie I, Oct 9, 2023

    I can not say enough good things about the team at Gilman in Kilmarnock. Whenever I have had an issue I get a very timely appointment due to great administrative management. Everyone from front desk to HVAC and plumbing are great to work with. They will not quit until the job is done. Kudos especially to “Noah” for two days of dead ends with a drain clog. He kept a pleasant attitude no matter how messy the job became! I highly recommend Gilman. Thanks for a great job every time.

  • Cristina T, May 18, 2023

    We had an area in the kitchen with damp drywall. Gilman sent a technician early the next morning who found the leak, verified where it was coming from, removed damaged pipe and installed new pipe. Our technician Chris was professional, knowledgeable, and completed the job timely. I would recommend Gilman to any of our neighbors.

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Tailored heat pump solutions for Richmond homes

Gilman’s personalized heat pump replacement and installation services in Richmond, VA, are designed to boost your home’s heating efficiency. We tailor each heat pump installation and replacement to perfectly suit your home’s specific needs.

Beyond just enhancing your home comfort, we also help you save on energy by choosing efficient systems. Schedule a service and feel the difference of a custom heat pump install that’s just right for your home.


Elevating home comfort with efficient heat pumps

Efficient heat pumps really change the game in improving home comfort and cutting down on energy costs. Our high-efficiency models, part of Gilman’s heat pump installation services, can significantly reduce your energy bills and make your indoor environment better.

When we install these advanced systems, we pay meticulous attention to maximizing energy efficiency and ensuring your home is as comfortable as possible. Our skilled approach in heat pump replacement and installation means you get a smooth switch to a more efficient and comfortable living space.


Why choose Gilman for heat pump installation?

Gilman’s heat pump installation solutions are about high expertise and unmatched customer satisfaction. We’re known for our professional heat pump services, and our commitment shows in every job, from a simple heat pump install to a full heat pump replacement.

Richmond residents regularly give us the thumbs up, talking about how we’ve transformed their home comfort and energy efficiency. Count on Gilman to uplift your home with the best heat pump services out there.

Want to see what the Gilman difference is all about? Reach out to us today for all your heat pump installation needs!

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