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If you're working with a competent professional who follows HVAC industry best practices for system sizing and selection, you're off to a great start! Installing the ductless mini-split A/C in the best location is the crucial next step. Use these tips to make sure the job is well done so you can maximize home cooling and energy efficiency.

Indoor Unit

The indoor unit contains the evaporator coil, which pulls heat from the air, condensate drainage, air filtration, multi-speed fan and electronic components. All components are housed in a sleek case that may be installed on the wall or ceiling, or can be floor mounted. Following are installation tips for best cooling performance:

  • Air distribution: The indoor unit should be centrally located so airflow reaches all parts of the zone.
  • Height: Wall mounted units are typically high on the wall within two feet of the ceiling. For rooms with high ceilings, install the unit about eight feet above the floor.
  • Accessible: Keep in mind that you'll need to access the unit on occasion to clean the air filters. When possible, make sure the unit will be safe and easy to access.

Outdoor Unit

The outdoor component connects to the indoor one via a thin conduit that only needs a small hole through the wall. This allows you many installation options. Keep these points in mind, however, as you decide where to put it:

  • Distance: The outdoor unit may be located 100 feet or more from the indoor unit. However, the closer the two units are installed, the better the cooling efficiency.
  • Protected from elements: Install the unit off the ground to protect it from snow in the winter. An overhang also offers protection and shade.
  • Free airflow: Make sure there are no barriers to free airflow around the unit.

For more information about installing a mini-split A/C for maximum performance in your Richmond home, check out Gilman Heating & Cooling's home cooling solutions, or call (804) 329-1800 today! Image via Thinkstock

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