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You may think a dripping faucet is not really a big deal, or a small leaky pipe won't cause a problem. But, you are wrong. Just because a plumbing problem looks small, does not mean it cannot create massive damage.

Here are 4 reasons small leaks can become big problems:

1. Mold. Mold is one of those issues that you cannot see right away. It has a slow and steady growth, but once it's there, it is tough to remove. Little pipe leaks can cause massive mold issues.

2. Pests. Bugs and other creatures love moisture. By allowing that faucet to keep leaking, your drain stays wet. That creates a perfect breeding ground for insects. Not something you want in your home.

3. Ceiling and Wall Damage. Water can damage your ceilings and walls. Once the water starts to get into these spaces it can cause dark spots that left, untreated, will break and tear open leaving ceilings and walls exposed. Leaving the water to sit in these spaces can leave stains in these areas as well.

4. Electrical Risk. Everyone knows water and electricity do not mix. If small leaks continue in your home, you risk them reaching any number of electrical outlets or sources in your home. This is a dangerous situation for you and your family.

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