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In the world we live in today, we buy a lot of expensive things to keep ourselves comfortable. One of the costliest items is a new HVAC system. When homeowners make the decision to purchase a new HVAC system for their home, they want it to remain in the best working condition for as long as possible.

Often, they are faced with a choice of a warranty or maintenance plan to go along with their new HVAC system. Both are key to preserving the life and efficiency of an HVAC! While there are some key differences between a warranty and a maintenance plan, it is important to note that most warranties are invalid or voided without a maintenance plan in place. Keep that in mind if you’re trying to save costs and skip the maintenance plan!

At Gilman, we have several options available for HVAC maintenance through our G-Club VIP Maintenance Membership plan. We also offer warranty options for your new HVAC system.

What’s the Difference Between an HVAC Warranty and HVAC Maintenance?
A warranty is a guarantee given to the homeowner by the HVAC manufacturer or contractor that promises to repair or replace defective parts. Some warranties may also offer labor to repair or replace these defective parts. What a warranty does not provide is a guarantee of same-day repair. It also will not cover the expenses of repair that go above and beyond your warranty coverage.
A maintenance plan is a service provided to protect an HVAC system and to foresee any potential product failures. Unlike a warranty, an HVAC maintenance plan can offer you faster response times and save costs by fixing potential issues before they become expensive issues. Most warranties require a maintenance plan in order for the warranty to stay valid. If a system has not been properly maintained, some manufacturers will deny claims for repair work.

Benefits of a Gilman Comfort Plan
At Gilman, we help homeowners prolong the life of their HVAC systems through our comprehensive maintenance plans. Our experienced technicians will inspect your HVAC system from top to bottom to make sure everything is running properly. The result is an efficient, well-tuned system that keeps more money in your pocket. It also helps to ensure that the system was properly taken care of should you need to file a warranty claim with the manufacturer.

Quality HVAC Maintenance
Nobody stands behind their work like Gilman. If you’re interested in purchasing a maintenance plan for your existing HVAC system, give the G-man a call!

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